Syner-Tech Process Consulting

Success Stories

Syner-Tech has met clients' needs with great success. Below, we've shared a few of our success stories.

Syner-Tech Process Successes

- Syner-Tech re-directed the formulation approach for an alternative fuels producer, resulting in a 5-fold cost reduction of additives package, revamping of R&D program, and development of proprietary formulations.

- We identified excessive operating cost of novel waste treatment process. In the end, we avoided $ 0.7 MM of unprofitable investment by venture capitalist.

- Our consultants reduced batch cycle time by revising control strategy. This increased plant capacity 35% with no additional investment.

- Identified 19% capacity expansion at 1/3 capital cost per incremental capacity compared to new unit. A plant expansion project was initiated. Investment in planned new plant was deferred at least four years.

- Designed low-cost skid-mounted production unit for initial product commercialization. On-site location at end-users minimized material inventories and reduced material packaging and shipping costs by 6 cents/lb.

- Located low-cost, high-quality ASME code-certified fabricator. Quoted vessel prices 40% lower and delivery 3 weeks faster than closest bidder.

- Reconfigured process scale-up, switching from proposed labor-intensive solid-fed batch operation to automated, minimal-inventory liquid-fed continuous process. Reduced reactor size 9-fold and eliminated material handling hazards.

- Simplified reaction & product recovery sequence for electronics-grade specialty chemical. Shortened cycle time 60% and reduced yield losses.

- Reviewed technology portfolio for start-up company. Identified key developmental and regulatory hurdles to be addressed in business plan presented to venture capitalists.

- Developed standardized customized symbol library for control system user interface, based on operator input. Simplified end-user's ability to add to or modify system